About Us

Hamptons Adult Hardball was founded by Peter Barylski, of Water Mill, and Jim Kinnier, of Sag Harbor. 

Peter, a lifelong New York Mets fan, has been playing on and managing baseball teams over the past 30 years in men’s baseball leagues throughout Long Island and has also competed in regional and national baseball tournaments. Peter is looking to bring his passion for the sport closer to home, set up a summer tradition enjoyed by those that reside throughout the East End for years to come – and still has dreams of cracking the New York Mets starting rotation.

Jim Kinnier of Sag Harbor, also a life long Mets fan. Jim (catcher) has played in “up island” leagues for the last ten years. 

One of Jim’s favorite baseball memories is playing in the Play at the Plate Cooperstown tournament (run by Scott Green). Baseball is America’s sport, and Pete and I are proud to start this local baseball league.  This could be the beginning of something great for the community.